| the ocean is the assembly line |

the ocean is the asembly line | floating building site | moving loading unloading heavy objects | the role of deck barges in marine assembly | floating drydocks | oil platform assembly technoloy |



a floating building site for an oil platform - the workshops are on barges and come floating in when needed - the materials are on barges and come floating in when needed on demand - just like an assembly line…

• worker quarters - put container rooms on a barge float them in
• welding workshops - put the container on a barge float them in
• several tons of gravel - put the mount on a barge float it in

you can not move a workshop around on land - too big - too heavy - on the water you can - easyly… that opens the door to a completly new way of doing things…


the building site has a fixed core - the barges come and go on a dayly base according to the needs - that is seasteading in action as we speak ( not a few decades in the future as the public assumes…)

The topside of an oil installation the size and weight equivalent of a 3 story building gets mounted on a pre installed spar in a single lift manouver - you can not do that one on land…(crane manouver a house)… but you can on the water. The crane does not need rails it can access everywhere oceanwide, its width is not limited by narrow streets, its lifting capacity is also unlimited. …That opens complety new frames of possibilities…how to assemble things and move them around.

On land everything that does not fit into a container is hard to move. The lifting capacity of the typical mobile crane stops at around 30 tons. Street transport has a maximum width of 2,5m.

All this imposes narrow limits to industrial processes .


| The special ship Mighty Servant delivers a oil platform in a semi submerged load-unload operation | you can do that with a deckbarge that has a few adaptions too |


The special ship BOKA Vanguard is loading the Cruise Ship Carnival Vista in the waters of the Bahamas - which laws apply - what are the logistics implications. What can we learn for seasteading.


Hebron platform in an early stage

building a tank for the north sea oil industry in concrete


The floating drydocks of WW2 a oceanic ship repair assembly line getting the damaged war-ships back to the fight - floating logistics on a massive scale…

| historic hurricane tracks caribbean | you certainly do not want a hurricane going over such an assembly line - so the territorial waters of panama and colombia, the calm waters between the islands (rosario islands, san bernardo islands, san blas islands) are the ideal site for the venture - hurricane free - no big waves. Technology and logistics support of the biggest industrial cluster in the caribbean - the port of Cartagena.


The spanish oceanic empire the world of the pirates and treasure ships - that layed the foundation of the modern caribbean - and the foundation of the US constitution (the invisble hook) - it is no cooincidence that the central piece of infrastructure ( the foritfied port of cartagena ) was built in the hurricane free zone of the caribbean.

It is also no cooincidence that cartagena is the busiest and best organized port of the caribbean today ( 300 years later ) and all caribbean maritime logistics and industry evolves around it.

modern port of cartagena | 70 % transshipment logistics | the cruise ship industry plugging into the container hub | skyscrapper skyline of international business in the background |

How “floating mobility logistics on a watersurface” can revolutionize something as simple as lettuce farming

the water surface is the assembly line

mobilis in mobile ( captain nemo motto )

styrofoam rafts are a bit weak for most industrial uses - but how about barges made of Floating-Rock™

raft of floating rock… video


Floating Diagrid Structures

The principle of basket weave applied to Seasteading

Floating Light Honeycomb Shell Structures

Light oceanic construction

Bubble Cluster Structure Seasteading

Multiple spheres, domes, acting like a giant foam block

Ocean Sphere

The Sphere is the most efficient shape for large scale enclosure of human living space in hostile environments, it allows the most volume with the least material in the structural toughest way.

Plate Seastead

| Stadion Seastead | Lens Seastead |

Ramform Seastead

The need for a bow on a oceanic structure under 400m


unloading concrete caissions for a land reclamation project