Keep steel ships afloat

Keep in mind that it is the central interest of the Satoshi condo admin, to keep living on and around the Satoshi a great experience, that keeps drawing people from all over the world to Panama.

So there is certainly a strong will to keep the value of your investment intact and growing.

The question you should ask yourself is :
Are they capeable of “pulling it off” or will they fail - and with it my investment.

It burns down to a question of trust.

There is obviously awareness of all problems that come with steel ship maintenance.

There are also solutions to avoid the known pitfalls.

What you need to see is, that you don´t get a 3 digit Million Dollar sum to buy a cruise ship of that nature, without giving good answers to the people, who have their money involved.

Compared to the obstacles the ocean builders team has overcome already the probems to solve down the road look like a piece of cake.

The ongoing replacement solution

The floating drydock solution

The internal lining solution

The cabin transfer solution