| historic marine powers | why did they not build floating cities |

• The answer is in the feasibility of the base technology.

• The toredo worm and wooden ship technology | service life |

• Isambard Brunel the Great Eastern, Jules Verne, and marine steel technology | service life |

• Floating Concrete Structures | P.K.Mehta

• Advanced cement composite technology

Venice the floating city - the closest thing the ancient built

Tanka | Uros | Sea Gypsies |
Why did their floating cities never develop into a kind of ocean colonization ?

Mulberry Harbor | Churchill | Habakkuk | why did he fail to build a floating military base in WW2

Can we do better now ?
What is out there that indicates the way ?


The need for a bow

| ramform seasteading | directional seastead | wind vaning | turret mooring |

solving the seasteading technology bottleneck

New developments can only happen on base of new technology |