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Pricepoints Floating Real Estate:

Pricepoints for building floating Real Estate are in a general range of 50-800 USD/square meter (depending on building method) tested out in our pilot projects. (conversion: 10 square foot is 1 square meter). The TSI is going for a pricepoint of USD 5000 per square meter. The yacht segment is in business for a pricepoint up to 23.000 USD per square meter, see details below…

In general floating real estate compares extremly favorable to land based shore real estate. The reason for lower prices for oceanic real estate are:

• Building lots on the water costs nothing.

• Interference of building codes is much less. (civil engineering ruling sets)

• Interference of all kind of interferers is much less. (neighbors, city developement plans, politics)

• Construction is about moving heavy things around which is much easier on the water.

• You can sell a floating house worldwide so produce much beyond the local market.

• The economy of scale is much easier on the water.

• Cement is not comming from a land based plant that locks the local market into a monopoly - it comes in ship from China or elswhere globally.

• The access road to the development needs not to be built, unimited access for container load sized items, and heavy cranes, is there already.

All these factors add up to a reduction in general cost of building a real estate squaremeter which turns over in much lower cost of buy and rent real estate . This means floating real estate has a competetive edge offering the same housing space, the same closeness to the city center, at a potential far lower price than a highrise building on the shorefront in the same area.

Floating Diagrid Structures

The principle of basket weave applied to Seasteading

Floating Light Honeycomb Shell Structures

Light oceanic construction

Bubble Cluster Structure Seasteading

Multiple spheres, domes, acting like a giant foam block

Ocean Sphere

The Sphere is the most efficient shape for large scale enclosure of human living space in hostile environments, it allows the most volume with the least material in the structural toughest way.

Plate Seastead

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Ramform Seastead

The need for a bow on a oceanic structure under 400m