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| small floating island for a candle light dinner this product on base of Floating-Rock™ can be sold to any shorside restaurant … | simple product | seasteading | basic seasteading | how big needs seasteading to be | what are the most simple and smallest “seasteading products” | how can a seasteading product pipeline look like | small scale seasteading | floating restaurant | if we understand seasteading as create real estate where there was none - floating cities on the ocean - a restaurant table where there was no place to have a dinner before, is already part of it…an additional table to expand, is a value asset many shoreside restaurants do apreciate, and pay for…

Floating Diagrid Structures

The principle of basket weave applied to Seasteading

Floating Light Honeycomb Shell Structures

Light oceanic construction

Bubble Cluster Structure Seasteading

Multiple spheres, domes, acting like a giant foam block

Ocean Sphere

The Sphere is the most efficient shape for large scale enclosure of human living space in hostile environments, it allows the most volume with the least material in the structural toughest way.

Plate Seastead

| Stadion Seastead | Lens Seastead |

Ramform Seastead

The need for a bow on a oceanic structure under 400m