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Standard Titanium Dental Implant (implant only) $790
Standard Implant Porcelain Crown (including abutment) $595
Titanium Implant, Abutment, with Porcelain Crown $1,385
“All on Four” (fixed acrylic bridge) $6,900
“All on Six” (fixed acrylic bridge) $9,500
“Total Mouth Restoration” (All on Four Down, All on Six Up Acrylic Combo) $14,000
Bone Graft and Membrane $230-$420
Sinus lift (bilateral) $810-$1,830
Temporary Crown $90-$240

Priced in USD

Getting Dental Implants in Colombia

Dental implant procedures are typically done in 2-3 phases, each 4-10 days in length.

Each phase comprises of 2-3 sessions, each lasting 2-3 hours.

We use top manufacturers BioHorizons, Microdent, Zimmer Biomet, and Straumann.

First Phase: All patients are escorted to a nearby facility to take a 3D x-ray.

During the first phase, tooth extractions and/or bone grafts are performed if necessary, followed by the physical insertion of the implant (screw).

You will be given a strong local anesthesia, laughing gas, or IV sedation depending on the number of implants being done.

You will heal for 4-5 days before having a follow up exam. A bland diet is recommended. Pain medication will be provided.

Allow 4-6 months for the implant(s) to fuse to your jaw bone.

Optional temporary tooth solutions (flippers, partials, and/or dentures) are available to wear during this period.

Second Phase: Return for another 4-10 days depending on how many crowns are to be placed.

Types Of Dental Implants In Colombia

Individual Implants: Single implants of either titanium or zirconia, with an abutment, and a porcelain or zirconia crown.

Implant Supported Bridges: These bridges are held in place by individual implants opposed to crowned teeth.

Removable Implant Supported Overdentures: These dentures are snapped into place and held down by implants.

All On Four/All On Six: A whole jaw’s worth of teeth are held down by either four or six implants.

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