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zgr638wfg752 • floating marina • token

ujg865lht649 • strategic partnership

hkl798ebh923 • business connection token

gtr756pol865 • classic nemo token • NemoToken™

lkm253rgh956 • san jose galleon • token

vft532pil834 • cartagena ship attendance token

kfh896rva327 • nautilus token code • yook3 • @nautilusmaker

tbj935otz730 • colombia cattle business token

hgr297kwt365 • global real estate token

thg975res754 • safe value store • emerald token

nvb567uwn961 • floating clubbing platform • token

hbm462ikj983 • colombia emerald direct • code

tzu739hlg032 • medical seasteading token • oceanic business alliance™ |

This list is only a “suggestion list” of tokens that are available and already established.

You can have any agreement you want written up as a whitepaper and converted into a token with a seperate code

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Floating Diagrid Structures

The principle of basket weave applied to Seasteading

Floating Light Honeycomb Shell Structures

Light oceanic construction

Bubble Cluster Structure Seasteading

Multiple spheres, domes, acting like a giant foam block

Ocean Sphere

The Sphere is the most efficient shape for large scale enclosure of human living space in hostile environments, it allows the most volume with the least material in the structural toughest way.

Plate Seastead

| Stadion Seastead | Lens Seastead |

Ramform Seastead

The need for a bow on a oceanic structure under 400m