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hear the message…

Ultimatly, the Crypto Cruise Ship will be what YOU make it. It will be shaped by those of us that participate in creating the environment we want to live in.

Chad Elwartowski


somebody on a reddit forum said:

| I believe the biggest challenge will be personnel

my answer:

It will be interesting to see if this will be a “stable population” or a highly fluctuant population size…

For now, due to the lack of real inhabitants telling the story - your speculation on what the future holds - is as good as any other…

In general, whatever is the case, the management of the satoshi can tap into a unlimited pool of skilled cruise ship employees that flows in the caribbean and can deal with all kind of requirements arising on cruise ships .

It is “off the shelve handling” that this kind of employees can get hired and set free again on short notice depending on a ship´s situation.

What Satoshi will be and convert into - the team is open to let things happen and develop.

Let me say it with chad´s words…

Ultimatly, the Crypto Cruise Ship will be what YOU make it. It will be shaped by those of us that participate in creating the environment we want to live in.

Chad Elwartowski

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Only 100 cabins will be available in the first auction (not 200 as announced earlier)

… so if you plan to get one hurry to get in on the “early bird opportunity”

comments worth to read...

Rüdiger Koch

April 21 ·

Facebook just informed me, that my assertion that corona is bio-engineered is false and presumably deleted the post. I now see my wrongs and I am devastated.

I wish to apologize to Bill Gates, who works tirelessly to develop a vaccine to save humanity. I also wish to apologize that I ever said he uses anti-competitive business practices at Microsoft to undermine competitors and push beta-quality software of bad design. Likewise, I wish to apologize for ever thinking bad of Steve Ballmer because he said that Linux is a cancer. I solemnly swear to never use Linux again or any other software released under the GPL.

But most, I wish to apologize for mistrusting institutions. I now see that institutions can be trusted without question and that it is impossible that leaders in finance, corporation and politics ever conspire to the disadvantage of the working class as they have only their welfare in mind. I solemnly swear to henceforth combat any such conspiracy theory to the best of my ability. I will report ASAP to the trustworthy authorities any such incident that comes to my attention as a good responsible citizen.

Lastly, I promise to only post kitten and doggie movies from now on.

Rüdiger Koch

April 20 ·

Der Spiegel, Germany’s leading news magazine, demands in it’s current lead article that the government goes full totalitarian, that families separate from each other, and that the economy is shut down to a level below that of 1946. Well, well, well, these measures won’t help to contain the Covid pandemic. But they sure as hell will solve the obesity pandemic.

Buckle up … in the US they are trying to censor a sitting president and his press secretary…always apreciate a well placed piece of sarcastic humor…

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caribbean floating homes ocean colonization technology

and most pristine caribbean islands and beaches…


satoshi as a condensation point for a floating city in sparse connection

somebody predicted doom and gloom over satoshi in a reddit discussion…

@nautilusmaker answered

I do not believe in risk free projects, i believe in moving things forward while keeping the risks reasonable.

Satoshi looks like something that can work in the circumstances it was planned for - if it will pan out - we will see.

What i find fascinating is, how Chad Elwartowski used his “apperantly failed project in thailand” and the media echo it produced, to get momentum to do a much bigger, and ambitious project in panama, that looks to me like somebody who knows how to play his cards well.

Much superior to what we have seen in the last decade of seasteading movement.

Means i applaude Chad and Team and want to see them succeed.


Galt’s Gulch is on the oceans : nautilusmaker

Cartagena Ship Attendance Token

Columbia Cruise Services told Seatrade Cruise News it has ‘won the tender process for the full management services’ of Satoshi and is working on the ship’s takeover, scheduled for early November. Columbia’s Olaf Groeger said his company will be the ‘partner behind the scenes for this exciting and unique project,’ and looks forward to supporting the operating company Viva Vivas, a spinoff of Ocean Builders.

Chad Elwartowski

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The ministry of tourism and the Panama Marine Authority came to visit the factory this weekend.

They are excited about jump starting the Blue Economy with Ocean Builders.

The MS Satoshi project is dead as the former Pacific Dawn has been sold for scrap, according to a statement from Ocean Builders, which was aiming to setup a floating tech hub for small businesses with the aim to support crypto currency off the coast of Panama.

After buying the ship, hiring a vessel management company and even completing a class drydocking, the company said they had hit an insurance roadblock.

The ship has since quickly been sold to scrap and will sail to India.

“After an exhaustive search for an International Group P&I Club insurance group to insure the Satoshi we have hit the roadblock of having no insurance company willing to insure the MS Satoshi upon dropping anchor in the Gulf of Panama,” read a statement from Ocean Builders. “The closest we came was a company toying with us with a million dollar premium for a maximum of $5 million in coverage. Nothing close to the coverage we would need to be legally compliant. We did not foresee that the big boys club would be against such a small operation such as ours.”

The company had opened bidding on cabins for residency in November and has promised refunds.

“We had requested from the Panama Marine Authority to be considered a non-seagoing vessel which likely would have lessened our burden for insurance, eliminating the requirement to comply with about 32 of the 35 international maritime treaties which Panama has agreed to. However they came back letting us know that because we have an engine and we have a flag, we are to be considered seagoing,” the company wrote.

"While we could have spent months and millions of dollars fighting, lobbying (see: bribing), or coming up with some complex alternative insurance solution to comply with the laws, we just did not have the support from the very communities which we created this project to support. Namely the seasteading community and the Bitcoin community. On the contrary, we were constantly attacked by the very people that we were trying to help.

“With so many roadblocks ahead of us with the insurance being a show stopper and no support behind us, it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to sell the MS Satoshi and go back to focusing on our floating homes here in Panama.”