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Being listed in the phonebook is not sufficient anymore if you do not pop up in the first results of a google search your customers will contact somebody else assuming you are in the looser basket of your professional segment.

If you are not visible on the search engines you do not exist.

The digital paradigm shift is your chance to take a lead in your segment while your competitors are missing the train…

Invest into a specific project rather than into a "Company"... (see project codes below )

Marketing Tokens

| Marketing-Token™ | Strategic-Partnership-Token ™ |

Marine tokens

| NemoToken™ | San-Jose-Token™ | Nautilus-Token™ | cartagena ship repair token | Floating-Marina-Token™ |

Colombia Business Tokens

| Business-Connection-Token™ | colombia-cattle-Token™ | global-real-estate-token™ | Colombia-Emerald-Token™ | safe-value-store-token™ |


| Floating-Medical-Platform-Token™ |

Real Estate

| NemoToken™ | Floating Clubbing Platform Token ™ | Floating-Marina-Token™ |

Other tokens …

| the above list of tokens is merely a selection, you can have your own specific token with a special agreement | contact | info@tolimared.com |

Background | Understand Tokens | example 1 tokenization of Art | example 2 tokenization of Real Estate |

If it exists, it can be tokenized !