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key points in the discussion : monthly charge

[johng75370] asked

• | Any estimates yet of what the monthly maintenance charges will be?

my answer to this question is:

If you look at pricelists usual in marine business; you could come to the conclusion that the cost of keeping a cruise ship going is astronomicly high and this will be simply split by the cabin owners.

But not so fast - a project like this could get its fuel supply in barge from Venezuela where fuel is incredibly cheap … you might end up paying less for energy than in a condo in the US.

I have been involved in that kind of dealings…

Believe me the potential for smart cost reduction is extremly high.

It is Chad´s call to put a number on that …

For now, i think there is good reason to trust the leadership team when investing in that property under the asumption that they will tap into all potential and opportunities that are available around them.

Keeping the monthly maintenance charges reasonable is a core management issue -

It is impossible to keep the opinions of the new cabin owners how living on Satoshi actually is, a secret…

A bonebreaking monthly charge would be a project killshot.

From my point of view - that can be solved. - Let me give you a context:

The port of Cartagena is the busiest port of the caribbean seventy percent is transshipment operation -

This means you plug into the global main trade stream, get a container cheaper than walmart and amazon, load it on a barge, take it to the Satoshi.

This kind of supply operation comes with VERY different pricing than ship chandlery lists from operators like columbia ship management.

Technicly a container unloaded from a ship to a barge transported to another ship never touches any border so has to pay nobodies taxes either. -

For those who are not familiar with marine business, think of the duty free shops on the airport to get a general idea how that works.

You see, energy, grocery, and just about EVERYTHING could actually be incredibly economic on Satoshi if the admin plays its cards well.

And there is still more … caribbean worker wages for example…fresh seafood delivered from fishing boats…etc. etc.

What i can say for sure, and in public is, that you don´t get a 3 digit million USD sum, to buy a cruise ship of that nature, if you don´t give “good answers” to the people wo have their money involved.

So on the base that there is a deal, i would suggest that it is clear the issue is solved.

Right now the management should be focused on the delivery and getting the ship to panama.

In the mid term they certainly have to work a transition plan how a “ship operation” will convert into a “condo operation” once settled in panama.

So if you don´t hear a lot of public discussion details, that is just a sign that they are busy pulling it off.

Certainly not a sign that they “have not figured it out yet what to do” to make it a success.

The talks of interest for them are with people that have already upfronted a lot of money to hold real estate in the venture (the early birds and the insiders).

The talks with “the public in general and the media” come later - when the pioneer families have aquired living experience on the Satoshi, first hand testimony is available, (to shut up the nasty critics for good), and a new (even bigger) wave of settlers is coming in.

In business development you take first care of the “early embracers” and leave the task to respond to the critics for the last round.

Credit needs to be given for the achievements so far…There is no reason to assume that they will not “properly manage” what comes up, down the road.

Compared with the obstacles the ocean.builders team has overcome already - what needs to be done, to transform this cruise ship operation, into a condo operation with happy inhabitants is a piece of cake.


Patri Friedman Endorsement


With this endorsement the project is definitly drawing echo in silicon valley where many of the potential cabin owners might come from…

Remember Patri is the guy who got 1,7 million USD from Peter Thiel to make seasteading a reality …

Many people who have been following the topic since then, might decide that now, as the china virus is used as an excuse, to usher in a “new normal” that looks more like Orwell 1984 than the “american dream and constitution”

…many might feel, that it is time to find greener pasture, or to get an insurance opt in, for the family, at the Satoshi… just in case things go even further south…

Talking about the chineese they use the same word for crisis and opportunity…

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